Seminars and workshops

Friday Fish seminar

The Friday Fish is the Differential Geometry seminar of Utrecht University. The online edition, started due to Corona, was organised by M. Crainic, M. Mol, and myself during the period summer 2020/summer 2021. We are currently running the seminar in a hybrid format with smaller audience. If you are interested in attending (or you are just curious about what we are doing), feel free to drop me an email. You can find more information in our webpage.

Dutch Differential Geometry and Topology seminar

This is a monthly seminar series organised together with F. Pasquotto, T. Rot and R. Vandervorst. Its aim is to show offer a panoramic view of different subfields within Differential Geometry to master students in Dutch universities. The sessions are structured as 2-hour minicourses, together with a break and a relaxed discussion afterwards. The 2021/22 edition started in September. You can find more information here.

Mini-Workshop on Symplectic Geometry (2022)

G. Benedetti, O. Fabert, F. Ziltener, and myself organised a one-day workshop on Symplectic Geometry in Utrecht on 24th June 2022. All the information can be found here.

Meeting “Lie theory and Poisson Geometry” (2022)

A. Balibanu, C. Esposito, M.A. Salazar, and I organised a meeting on the role of Lie/representation theoretical aspects in the study of Poisson Geometry. We had three great minicourses, as well as several talks given by participants in different career stages. The event took place on the week of 10th-14th January 2022, at CIRM (France). All the information can be found here.

Workshop “A topological theory of distributions” (2021)

During the week of 30th August-3rd September 2021, V. Franceschi, F. Pasquotto, M. Seri, and myself organised a workshop on the interactions between Subriemannian Geometry, the theory of hypoelliptic operators, and Contact Topology. It was meant to take place at the Lorentz Center (Leiden) but, due to covid, all activities (lectures and working groups) ended up taking place online.

You can find the details of the meeting in our webpage. The lectures were recorded; they can be found in the following playlist. During the working groups we had plenty of interesting discussions about open questions in the intersection of the three areas. All of these will eventually appear in a booklet we are preparing summarising the work carried out during the workshop.

15th Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Mechanics, and Control (2020)

These workshops give an opportunity to young researchers in Geometry, Mechanics, and Control to interact with one another and with experts from each of these fields. The 2020 edition was originally going to be held in Utrecht but, due to corona, had to take place online. Additional information, as well as videos and slides from the workshop can be found here.

Minicourses on tangent distributions (2019)

I used my NWO Veni to bring young researchers to Utrecht University for a couple of weeks to share their expertise with us using a minicourse format. The topics covered dealt with the theory of tangent distributions (contact or otherwise) and related topics (symplectic geometry, subriemannian geometry, and others). For more info, including abstracts, see here.

After two sessions, the event was superseded by the Dutch Differential Geometry and Topology seminar (see above).