Spring 2023

I am teaching Topologie en Meetkunde once again. If you are a student, you can access the pages of the course through Blackboard and Teams. For the last two years I have been making short videos covering some of the topics central to the course. You can find them here. I am currently in the process of writing lecture notes; I will link to them here once they are complete.

Fall 2022

I taught Topology of geometric structures, a local master course for second year students. The course covered some of the basics of Differential Topology (bordism theory, fibre bundles, jet spaces, Whitney topologies, transversality, triangulations, and a brief look at h-principle).

In the bachelor, I taught Inleiding Analyse in meer variabelen (analysis in multiple variables).

Spring 2022

I taught Topologie en Meetkunde once again.

Fall 2021

I taught Bewijzen in de Wiskunde (Proofs in Mathematics), for 1st year students in Mathematics.

Spring 2021

I taught Topologie en Meetkunde.

Spring 2020

I taught the Topologie en Meetkunde (Topology and Geometry) course in the 3rd year of the bachelor. Due to the corona crisis, the second half of the course was taught online. You can find the video lectures here. I will be teaching the next iteration of the course in 2021.

BKO portfolio

I obtained the basic teaching qualification (BKO) in 2022. While developing my portfolio I attended the course “Teaching in Higher Education” to work on my teaching/supervising/tutoring.

Spring 2019

I taught the Symplectic Geometry course offered by the Dutch Mastermath programme together with Fabian Ziltener. You can find the course’s website here. You can find additional information about the course on the ELO website.

Fall 2018

We did a reading seminar on the Madsen-Weiss theorem (within the framework of the Friday Fish seminar). The main organiser was Thomas Rot and in his webpage most of the details of the seminar can be found.

Summer 2018

I gave a 4-hour minicourse “A gentle introduction to Morse theory” in the Utrecht summer school in geometry. The notes of the course can be found here. The intended audience are bachelor students with little or no background on manifolds.


I was the organiser of two reading seminars in Utrecht University (within the framework of the Friday Fish seminar):

  • Seminar on the microlocal theory of sheaves (where the leading organiser is Davide Alboresi)
  • Seminar on h-principle. Sadly, the seminar does not have its own webpage. We followed the usual references (the Eliashberg-Mishachev book and their papers in wrinkles), with the occasional help of my notes.

Docencia UAM 2015-2016

Durante dicho curso fui uno de los profesores de prácticas de Álgebra II de Físicas. A lo largo del cuatrimestre, David Alfaya y yo elaboramos unas hojas de soluciones para algunos de los ejercicios propuestos en las notas de Lucía Contreras.