Supervision of bachelor and master theses

If you are interested in Differential Geometry/Topology, feel free to contact me to ask about supervising your thesis (and we can discuss to find a suitable topic). These are the areas I am most familiar with:

  • Contact and Symplectic Topology
  • h-Principle (i.e. topological methods to construct/classify geometric structures)
  • Subriemannian Geometry (i.e. the theory of subbundles of the tangent bundle)

I would also be happy to chat if you are interested in Lorentz/Riemannian Geometry or Geometric Analysis (but this is further away from what I normally do!)

PhD students

  • Anna Fokma. TBA. Expected defense date: September 2025
  • Aaron Gootjes-Dreesbach: Non-local differential relations. Expected defense date: January 2025.
  • Francisco Javier Martínez Aguinaga: Knots tangent to bracket-generating distributions (tentative title; main supervisor: F. Presas). Expected defense date: January 2022.
  • Lauran Toussaint: Contact Structures and Codimension-one Symplectic Foliations (main supervisor: M. Crainic). Defense date: March 2020.

Master students

  • Nina Rutten. (4,6) elliptic distributions. March 2021 to present.
  • Giacomo Cristinelli. TBA. March 2021 to present.
  • Bas de Pooter: Differential relations with delay. October 2020 to July 2021.
  • Jan Denkers: Multijets and non-local h-principles. Feb 2020 to Feb 2021.
  • Lotte Bruijnen: Filtered structures. July 2019 to August 2020.

Bachelor students

  • Jelle Draijer: Yang-Mills theory (tentative title; cosupervised by Dirk Schuricht). February to July 2021.
  • Mick Schilder: Holonomic approximation (tentative title; cosupervised by A. Gootjes-Dreesbach). February to July 2021.
  • Hanneke Schroten: Semiriemannian billiards (tentative title; cosupervised by T. Grimm). February to July 2021.
  • Ket Bottelier: The wave equation and general relativity (tentative title; cosupervised by T. Hinderer and R. Versendaal). February to July 2021.
  • Floor ter Haar: Constructing distributions in low dimensions. August 2020 to January 2021.
  • Juri Sampieri Bjornsson: Semiriemannian structures and rolling. May 2020 to January 2021.
  • Robin van de Griend: Simplicial Complexes and Persistent Homology. March to June 2020.