Below you can find notes/beamers from talks/courses I have given/attended.

Notes on Wrinkling

I taught a 10 hour course on the wrinkling philosophy at the “RET Summer School on distributions and h-principles”. I prepared several sets of somewhat detailed (but handwritten) notes where I go over the content of the classes:

The notes contain several little mistakes here and there and are often not quite streamlined. Hopefully the pictures and the (sometimes not completely rigorous) arguments can help the reader navigate the original Eliashberg-Mishachev papers.

Notes from talks I have attended

  • IHES. 8th July 2015. Notes I took for Y. Eliashberg’s talk at the IHES for the Summer School in Polyfolds.
  • Kraków. 3rd October 2012. Notes I took for a course of H. Geiges on contact topology during the Autumn School on Contact Topology in Krakow. They cover the basics of legendrian knots.

Notes/Beamers from talks I have given

  • RSME. 6th September 2015. I introduce Engel structures, discuss what is known about them and sketch (with a fair amount of detail) the proof of the existence theorem (i.e. there is an Engel structure in each formal class). The excellent .gif images in the presentation were prepared by José Luis Perez, to whom I am indebeted.